Oct 27, 2010

Blog Oriented Design for the Web

All web sites are built in response to many needs

Basically, the network is an information tool. People post stuff - to - in response to the need for information. Success depends on meeting these needs. Please note that the information can be "hard", such as flight times from London to Boston, or "soft" as the image quality of the company's product or service. Your site might have information that people want, it can be information that you want them to be not necessarily want, or you may wish to obtain information from them. Your site might be a way to transfer data between different users. (Or all of these things at the same time!) It's very important to understand that all types of sites to try to solve a variety of needs. Publisher is a need, that leads them to publish (to earn money, to gather information, promote the brand). Site visitors will be required (to earn money, to be successful at work, is to entertain).

Pursuit of goals drives all behaviour

People visit web sites because they want to achieve something, a certain state, usually having got something or having done something.
As a commercial web site publisher, your business goals (strategic or tactical objectives) drive everything you do.
It’s your goals that influence whether you, as a web user, click on a particular link or take the time to look around a web page.
No-one goes on shopping sites for the fun of using the site’s interface. We do it to find bargains or to buy specific products. Those finds help us to feel a certain way (smart, fashionable, relaxed, excited). The site is simply a means to an end.

Case study: booking train tickets

There are many websites that allow me to train tickets, but that39s not the point I am trying to achieve when using these sites. Usually train tickets for the end of the night to travel the next morning. My goal is to sleep as soon as possible relaxed knowing that my ticket will be ready when I arrive at the station the next day and that will achieve this goal by controlling my train tickets quickly and safely, and get feedback that my request successfully. Advertisers have long known that lifestyle choices of most consumer spending decisions, from clothes to cars to bottled water. That39s why advertising uses images of the states of life possible, the goals that consumers can access with the purchase. Focus on the goal of design is the design process specifically and consciously to allow users to achieve their goals.

Level Introductory through Advanced

It is required reading for anyone interested in interaction design, design-oriented objectives and design of user interfaces. Written by Alan Cooper, one of my hero and founder of the discipline of interaction design, and Rob Reimann, another expert communicator who has worked with Alan Cooper Interaction Design. About Face 2.0 is the second major release of basic text on creating clear and usable software. Its principles and examples apply to Web pages and applications and desktop applications. This book will give you a solid grounding in all aspects of interaction design, the basic discipline to address the problem through techniques based on the target and the right to design the user interface. This does not mean that it is a difficult book: it is very well written and easy to consume. I can not recommend enough.

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