Nov 30, 2010

History of SEO

In this article I will cover experimental start of the Internet, the commercialization of this technology now, and what the project is happening that threatens the future on the Internet.
Before you start talking about the Internet, I would like to define what the Internet, which is dominated by it, and what the economic impact of this technology. The Internet is made up of all data networks using IP, which operate in a seamless network for their collective users. [Krol 3] This means that the federal networks, commercial and institutional compose all parts of the Internet. This network is connected by telephone lines, cable lines or satellite. These, the lines of wire or pipeline signals from the server computer to the server computer until the service to send electronic data to a computer. Internet Safety and Internet Society (ISOC). [4 Krol], Internet Society, the purpose, according to Ed Krol, is to promote the global exchange of information through Internet technology. Another public body of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB). [5 Krol]
It was not until 1996, when the concept of SEO was born. Studies that have approached the United States largest and larger than SEO, which is exactly today. Internet and its applicability in the world was just a little rhythm, where the download of web sites was one of the licensees of time on a 56k modem. The Internet was just a button marketed in the United Kingdom. Internet does not look and Development until 1996, it was considered at small size. In 1996-97, the only search engine that became famous and known Alta Vista, Google was not known and is not used as Alta Vista, and it is only through the very narrow concept. That was when Google think something, and now Google is the only source, searching eyes.
Virtually all good things come to an end. The strategies that were once standard in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) finally ended when individuals with fewer scruples than a box of cornflakes manipulated the system to their advantage. Some of the above optimization methods were a simple alphabetical list, such as a phone, but by 1996 web site programmers tried their luck at placing specific keywords in some parts of the lineup and started learning the manipulation that had some influence on the ranking of the site. A variety of algorithms have been used in 1997 that allowed programmers to crack the SEO code at Excite. These programmers are able to produce results for their clients at will. What began as based on helping customers ultimately leads to bad systems that sought a corner on site rankings to the exclusion of any other competitor.

Nov 3, 2010

How to Automatically Track Your Google Positions in Microsoft Excel

If you have a website then it is a good idea to keep a track of your search engine positions for key phrases that people search for and that bring you traffic. For any SEO professionals this is especially true.

Some people use commercial products for this task, others use online services, but there is a free way to do it. Well, free if you already own a copy of Microsoft Excel, that is!

Before we get into the solution, my apologies to the guys at Webmaster World for singling you out. That particular website ranks nicely in all the test terms, so it became useful to use as an example!

How to Use the Spreadsheet


  1. · If you want to use this spreadsheet, first download it from here and open it up in Excel.
  2. · Write your website's host name in cell B2.
  3. · Enter your search terms in cells B4, C4, D4, and so on (as many as you like).
  4. · Select the example rows 5-12 and press Del to clear the contents (If you use the “right-click, delete” approach the chart will become smaller, so resize it back).

· Press Ctrl-Shift-U to refresh the results.

How it Works

If you look at the macro code, there is a fair amount going on under the hood, but it is fairly straight forward.

Essentially what we are doing here is “scraping” the search result then looking within the returned content for specific strings (our links). This approach can be used for a lot of useful purposes so it is worth investigating.


The Macro Code

The main macro subroutine AddCurrentRankingsRow first retrieves the website URL, and locates the data in the sheet. Then it adds a new line for today's date, and works on the term columns:

term = sheet.UsedRange.Cells(4, col).Text

rank = GetCurrentRanking(term, myurl, 3)

sheet.Cells(newRow, col).Formula = rank

For each term column, the subroutine fetches the term itself, then looks at the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) to find the rankings of our website, and finally writes it to the respective cell. The subroutine GetCurrentRanking figures out the ranking by iterating the SERPs as long as our website does not appear in the results. When our website appears in the results, it calculates and returns the ranking:

While pagenum <>

pagenum = pagenum + 1

url = BuildSERPURL(term, start)

page = FetchPage(url)

If FindRank(page, myurl, count) Then

GetCurrentRanking = start + count

Exit Function

End If

start = start + count


GetCurrentRanking uses three handy but simple utility functions:

  • BuildSERPURL - This generates the URL of a SERP for a specific term, starting at a certain result number.
  • FetchPage - Uses Microsoft's WinHttp library to do a HTTP ‘GET’ request and fetch the SERP's HTML contents.
  • FindRank - Finds the position of our website in the organic results in a page.

FindRank is specific to Google results. It disregards the paid advertisements and counts result links. The organic result links are in the form …


… so the function just extracts the URL from those links. This function can be easily adapted to other search engines like Bing or, but it will require some programming tweaks to work.

How to Run the Macro Automatically

You may want to run the macro automatically, without the need to press Ctrl-Shift-U. In order to do so, add the following subroutine after all the code:

Private Sub Workbook_Open()


End Sub

This will run the macro every time you open the file, which means you will always see the most updated data.

All above information from : searc hengine people