Sep 6, 2010

SEO Friendly Website Design

Hi This is Online SEO Updates From

I decided to write this post because it is clear some clients, no matter how clear you aim to be, think that buying a website from Hobo, because we are a search engine optimization company, means a lifetime supply of free traffic from Google.
We've compiled a list of the most important things that a SEO friendly website design needs in order to have a solid foundation for its search engine optimization campaign. Whether you're an amateur web designer attempting to integrate SEO into your website or a professional web designer looking to refine your approach to creating SEO friendly website design, this guide has something for everyone.

We have few suggestion for you. Its really make your website SEO Friendly…..

" The foundation of the foundation: keyword research
" Researched keywords in anchor text (the text that contains a hyperlink)
" Don't use Flash (and how to survive if you absolutely must use it)
" Don't use frames (and how to survive if you absolutely must use them)
" Researched keywords in andlt;titleandgt; tag
" CSS drop down navigation (no Javascript or Flash); CSS stylesheets
" Density of researched keywords in document text; don't hide text
" Researched keywords in headings andlt;H1andgt;, andlt;H2andgt;, andlt;H3andgt; etc.
" Images (including researched keywords in 'alt' tags, no text in images)
" Researched keywords in URL (filenames and folders)

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