Aug 30, 2010

SEO Or PPC? Which One Is Right For You?

The tension started (this time) when an article appearing in questioned whether or not SEO techniques were a legitimate need of the prospective search engine marketer. Dave Pasternack of wrote the article. One of the points of Pasternack's is SEO is a "fix-it-and-forget-it" exercise that doesn't need constant monitoring; an idea that left a number of SEO providers shocked and disappointed.
One such SEO provider, Greg Boser, took issue with Pasternack's article but kept quiet... that is until another article appeared at ClickZ saying essentially the same thing as Pasternack's work. Kevin Lee, also of and SEMPO, wrote the second article. In his writing, Lee indirectly compared search optimizers to spammers while saying they took a scatter-shot approach to improving rankings. However, in Lee's defense, it's never clear whether he is talking about those who spam search engines or the SEO industry in general.

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